The Shovel Song

**Bob decided that he was going to write a really long song, so he wrote this (its not even that long). It originally had drums + bass, but we decided not to use them in the song.**

Today, the shovels talked to me

They always say the same thing

They say, oh Bob life really sucks

I'm the humans bitch, all work no play

Just sitting in the garage all day

Oh no


One day, the shovels should be free

Just let them be what they want to be

Be free


Oh why, why cant we just see

That the shovels are like you and me

If we treat them with respect who knows what will come of it?

Oh no, oh no


Right now, the shovels talk to me about philosophy

Why cant I just see?

The shovels are in my head

Its just me talking to me

Oh no


But no, this was meant to be

Hopefully with me

Together we run free

The shovels and me

We run free