Love is Priceless

**This song just kind of came out. Bob and I were sitting around and came up with the chorus and thought that it was absolutely hilarious. Interestingly, the verses of this song don't follow the same structure/rhyme scheme. Also, this was partially based off of a song "Residential Burglary."**

Said you loved me

Said you trusted me

Said I stole the key to your heart

Little did you know I stole more

I stole the key to her front door


I broke into your house

I thought I was invited

We were going out for three whole days

I broke into your house

Your daddy didn't like it

I reached for your stereo and he tackled me


Don't leave me

Don't break it off

The cops, they don't have to know

All of this because I stole a kiss

And I tried to steal your stereo