The Polka Collection (October 2003)

**We originally put out The Complete AAHHHH Vol. II because we weren't feeling very creative in terms of song writing. We finally got to it during the summer of 2003. Throughout the summer and early fall, a LOT of songs were written (although, the number of good ones is substantially less). Somehow I ended up writing half the songs for this CD. The cover was taken from the internet and the text was added. The building in the background has a distinct similarity to the courthouse building in Binghamton. **


1) I Walk to Work

2) P.E.T.A.

3) Love is Priceless

4) Lindsey Metrus

5) ...And That's Why We Love NASCAR

6) Frankie Munez in Big Fat Liar

7) Baby Got Backed into a Knife

8) Song that's Aite

9) Threesome with the Olsen Twins

10) My Very Own Sega Genesis

11) Plus Sized Princess

12) Porno Addict