Lindsey Metrus

**Bob and I wrote this about Nick from I Before Evil's younger sister. Ironically, at the time I hadn't met (or even seen) her. A fun song, despite the lyrics being outdated. I think someone told Lindsey that we wrote a song about her, but I'm not sure that she believed it. Weird...**

I saw you at Nick's house today

I asked you out, but you said "no way"


Don't be scare because of your brother

He wont mind you being a mother

Start being happy, stop being mean

Its not illegal 'till I'm 17



You were watching Lizzie McGwire

But who cares about her, its you I desire


Don't be scare of an older guy

I'll always be there when you cry

We'll drive around and stay out late

Too bad you're curfews at 8



Lindsey Metrus (x4)