Losing Your Head (Over Me)

**There isn't much of a story behind this song. I wrote it in 2001. Its the one of the longest AAHHHH songs, clocking in at almost 4 minutes.**

I saw you in the department store

You looked like a nice girl

You were dressed really nice

With the best clothes in the world


I never thought that it would be

Were together you and me

I don't care what the other guys say

You always make my day


I saw you on the fourth floor

I guess they moved you there

They took off all of your make-up

And removed your hair


I never want the store to close

Because that's when they take off your clothes

You look so good in blue

I need to be with you


I'm in love

(I'm in love)

I'm in love

(I'm in love)

I'm in love with a mannequin