Please Respect My Llama

**This is a song that Bob wrote. I think the inspiration from it came from someone who had a screen name that was "Dont Pet The Llamas" or something like that. Bob turned this into a song about llamas that everyone seems to like. There are two versions of this song (the fast and slow). F.Y.I. the slow version came first. Also hasn't been played for a while.**

You know my llama

His name is George

He don't like other people

His only friend is me

We share so much together

Our friendship is forever


Please respect my llama he likes to live alone

Please don't pet my llama or he'll probably spit on you

If you respect my llama we'll never bother you


You know my llama his name is Joe

He lives up in the mountains

And eats grass all of the day


I'm always there for him


And he's always there for me