Lipid Queen

**This is a song that I wrote with Mike E. (Mr. a4r6 himself) back in 1999. It used to be a 45 minute anthem, but I forgot most of the words since then, and now its a 2:00 ballad. Update: I recently found a substantial amount of the original lyrics, maybe there will be a "directors cut" of this song.**

Better not mess with the Lipid Queen

Cause she'll sit on you and you'll never be seen...again


She weighed 200 pounds at her time of birth

Gee that girls got a lot of girth

In her spare time all she does is eat

When she looks down she cant see her feet, oh no


She wears a size 400 with a 20 mile waist

We call her Quasi Moto cause she's got a screwed up face


She's really, really stupid and she's really, really dumb

She's got an I.Q. lower than a paramecium