In Complete AAHHHH (April 30, 2002)

**This was our first official C.D. We didn't really have the right idea about recording at the time, and as a result ended up misrepresenting the songs, which was pretty strange because we had been practicing these songs forever. All of  the songs were relatively simple, but still managed to address pressing issues including injury, cannibalism, llamas, and the fine city of Binghamton. Most (if not all) of the good songs from this album were rerecorded in one form or other.**


1) Selling Out is Cool

2) I Want an Electric Guitar

3) Paper Avenger

4) Fluffy

5) Please Respect My Llama (slow)

6) Harry (The Cannibalistic Maniac)

7) Apples

8) Lifeless Loser

9) Please Respect My Llama (fast)

10) Binghamton Pride

11) The Neighbors Suck

12) Nothing to do in Binghamton