Griff is Coming...

**This is Griff's take-off on Punks of Hip-Hop. We thought it would be funny for Griff rap over the song and make a few subtle changes.**

Check it out y’all its D-Squiz

When I step up in the place you know I mean biz

Gee whiz is what I hear from y’all

When I floss more green than a bag of tennis balls

But they all ones…ok

Will I buss my guns?…no way

I'm just having fun… today

But my hoes just run away

Rapping to guitars hell yea I'm punk

Live instruments, yo what the funk?

I just a hunk that don’t get drunk

I rap good, you stink like skunk

Dude that sweet I'm the candy-man

You jerk off so much your nicknames "handy-man"

I could say the hottest stuff and you’d still hear blah

Bitch eat your words open up and say AAHHHH



Griff is comin'... (x3)


Start a mosh pit, cause here's a new style

It's the rock slash rap that will send you a mile

Walking down the street saying hey ma

It's Spastix with mother fucking AAHHHH

What you gonna do when we come through rippin' the scenes

Breakin' the spleens, shittin' on you like latrines

Wiling out, flippin' the middle ones

We're big dogs, your Pillsbury cause your buns

Its the music that you can head bang to

From Whitey Vibe, Lordy, S-Q-U-

R E to the L

This game's on lockdown like it was a jail cell

Its on lock by us,

If you don't think we're fit, then try us

Like Fabulous man you cant deny us

We know were the best and you cant remind us



Griff is comin'... (x3)


Bustin' rhymes so clean we can defeat any team

AAHHHH n SPAZ best collab ya ever seen

We treat these tracks like they turn into green

But forget what we said drink away with Jim Bean

Obscene gestures with lectures will follow

On how to allow different mixtures to swallow

Hollow minded idiots couldn't determine talent

Fast raps worth 50 miles per gallon

Failin' to realize we brag with the right

Bailin to real life I latched onto to light

Just what might draw attention to my face

Grab Bob and Nick from AAHHHH and No Slay on bass

Lets race to the studio, produce a new beat

So we can perform styles you never heard before

3 verses of words is all it'll take

We know we good but this song is just great



Griff is comin'... (x3)