The Food Pyramid Rock

**Bob and I originally wrote this for him to perform for a Health project, but then we decided to use it for 4EPs. Interestingly enough, it features a 13 bar blues scale (which by the way is far superior to its cousin the 12 bar blues). This song features a couple of solid guitar solos from Dave.**

Listen up Iíll tell you the deal

You gotta eat a heart healthy meal (oh yeah, heart healthy meal)

Follow my plan and you will see

The best ways to eat healthy (oh yeah)

The food pyramid rock!


6 to 11 servings a day

You gotta eat your bread the right way (yeah)


Now on to fruits and greens

You gotta make it a daily routine (oh yeah, 2 to 5 a day)

Eat your tomatoes and eat your grapes

Thatíll get your heart in shape (oh yeah)

The food pyramid rock


Hold on a minute weíre not quite done

Thereís 3 more groups of heart healthy fun (oh yeah)


Eat a cow and drink its milk

Itíll keep your bones well built (oh yeah, bones well built)

You gotta eat 2 servings of dairy

So youíre not real thin and scary (like me)

The food pyramid rock


Thereís only one more part

The yummy stuff that clogs up your heart (oh yeah)


Donít go eating sweets all the time

Youíll get fatter than J-Loís behind (oh yeah, and you donít want that)

Avoid candy and you will seeYouíre life will be long and lovely (oh yeah)

The food pyramid rock


Follow my guide and you will see

The best ways to eat healthy (oh yeah)

 The food pyramid rock!