**This one one of the last songs written for In Complete AAHHHH. It was originally titled "An Ode To My Cat" and it was pretty boring. (The first verse repeated twice and there was no second verse). I eventually changed the name of the song and later I added the second verse to complete the song. Hasn't been played in a while.**

Sitting all alone in the dark

Then I hear a bark

The cat was just bitten

She was only a kitten


Sheís dead, and I donít know what to do

All I can think is make her into stew

Throw in some carrots and rice, alright

Looks like Iím eating Chinese food tonight


Good-Bye Fluffy Good-Bye (x4)


Choking on Fluffy's bones

Sitting here all alone

Dying under the moon

Dear Fluffy, I'll be with you soon