Fat Girls Give Good Head

**Fat Girls Give Good Head is a song that came about when I wrote the initial riff. We wanted to write a song about fat people for a while and somehow the idea about fat girls giving good fellatio came about. - Griff**

See you in the halls and it's driving me mad

I never thought I'd need a fat girl so bad

At 300 lbs you like to eat

Suck my dick, pretend it's meat


Fat girls give good head (x4)


I'm a little curious, I know you wanna try it

Drinking my sperm won't be cheating on your diet

It's really fun when you suck my dick

Swallow my cum, it's warm and thick


Fat girls give good head (x4)


Fat girls give good head

(I like fat girls 'cause they're desperate)


Fat girls give good head (x8)