The Complete AAHHHH Volume 2 (Spring 2003)

**Bob and I didn't write too many songs after we recorded ASTCH, and we began getting antsy and wanted to record something. We decided that we instead of writing new songs, we would improve old songs (in fairness, most of them needed some tweaking anyway). In addition to rerecording 9 songs, we thought we would include some covers too (one of which we forgot to record). When we got our hands on the recording of part of our set at LexStock II, we decided to throw that on here too. Also features an early live version of "In My Back Pocket."**


1) In My Back Pocket

2) Paper Avenger

3) R.F.W.

4) Please Respect My Llama (Slow)

5) Hardcore Llama

6) No Me Cruce

7) The Neighbors Suck

8) A Heart for a Skull

9) Nothing to do in Binghamton

10) Bob the Builder

11) Saturday Morning Cartoons

12) Heart and Soul

13) Kingston Town

14) Come Go With Me

15) Punks of Hip Hop

16) Griff is Coming...

17) In My Back Pocket (Live)

18) The Lifeless Loser Strikes Back (Live)

19) Kingston Town (Live)

20) I Want an Electric Guitar (Live)

21) Paper Lanterns (Live)

22) No Me Cruce (Live)

23) Apples (Live)

24) The Neighbors Suck (Live)

25) Nothing to do in Binghamton (Live)