AAHHHH Sings the Christmas Hits (October, 2002)

**After we released In Complete AAHHHH, we got right back into writing songs. We basically spent the summer writing these new songs and decided to record in late September and early October. We recorded this C.D. live instead of tracking each instrument. Again, most (if not all) of the good songs on this C.D. were rerecorded later on.**


1) Prosthetic Legs

2) 13 Ways to Die

3) R.F.W.

4) In My Back Pocket

5) Lipid Queen

6) My Friend Timmy

7) Freezer Burn

8) No Me Cruce

9) The Lifeless Loser Strikes Back

10) Bob the Builder

11) Losing Your Head (Over Me)

12) Song that's Cool

13) A Heart for a Skull

14) The Shovel Song