It all started back in 1995 or something like that. It was a long, long time ago. Back then it was only Bob playing guitar and myself, Nick, playing drums. We wrote some really terrible songs that with any luck no one will ever hear.

Anyway, we continued making our crappy songs through1996. Then sometime around 1997 we basically stopped with the band for 2 years or so. Then, with two more years of practice under our belts, we decided to make some new music that didn't suck quite so bad.

So, it was late 1999 / early 2000 when we started writing songs again. By the summer of 2000 we had 10 songs or so including "Selling Out Is Cool" and an early version of "I Want An Electric Guitar." We also had some songs that we reworked for AAHHHH Sings the Christmas Hits like "Lipid Queen" and "Freezer Burn" (On a side note, "Freezer Burn" is probably the oldest song that we play. It used to be known as "Daisy Goes Crazy" back in 1995 or so. But its been totally reworked since then).

Anyway, over the summer of 2000 we played at a birthday party for our friend at the Holiday Inn. At the time we thought we were decent, but since we have the performance on video I can assure you that we were far from good.

After the concert we practiced on and off for a while and made some new songs that would show up on In Complete AAHHHH.

By the summer of 2001 we had about 7 songs (you may be wondering how we went from 10 to 7 in the span of a year, but we gave up on some of the songs because they were of low quality). One night over that summer Bob and I decided that we should perform a concert on his front lawn. We set up our instruments and started playing, but after our third (or so) song some of our neighbors came over to us to complain about the noise (and also telling us "that we needed our own Woodstock" and that we should "stop before they were forced to call the police," ha!). Needless to say, we stopped, however we did call the police and found out we could've play until 8:30. Oh well, we were pretty bad back then anyway. After our impromptu show was cut short, we wrote the song "The Neighbors Suck" to tell the story of the night.

After this, we just kept practicing. In the winter of 2001 we found a bassist in Bob's longtime friend Griff. Griff had been playing guitar for a while and he took up our offer to join the band.

Throughout 2001 we had been planning to record a CD. It didn't work out at first since the first person we were going to record with abandoned us (fuck you Ken Ketchum!). But we kept practicing and eventually found Dave Rice who agreed to record our CD.

We spent a long time (over a month) recording In Complete AAHHHH, but it only ended up costing us $160. We made the artwork and multimedia for the CD and eventually released it on April 30, 2002.

After we released the CD we took some time off from practicing and writing new songs. We didn't really write any new songs until the summer of 2002, when we wrote 9 or so. All of these songs showed up on our second CD AAHHHH Sings the Christmas Hits which was put out in the fall of 2002.

After that we performed at LexStock 1 on December 31, 2002. We played a lot of songs including the debut of Heart and Soul and Kingston Town (yeah, the square dancing song). This whole show went over pretty well, and we got about half of it on tape. The highlights of the show were 1) Griff taking his shirt off and "suffocating" a baby doll 2) Our 22 song set list (we definitely didn't play all of it) 3) Griff singing Three Times a Lady. All in all, it went well.

In Spring of 2003 we realized that we hadn't written any new songs since the summer, but instead of actually writing new ones, we decided to re-record songs from our first two CDs. We ended up choosing 9 songs to re-record, 5 covers, and a collaboration with our rapping friends in SPAZ. The album turned out really well except for a few minor details. 1) Somehow we forgot to record a song(!) We were going to record a cover of Paper Lanterns, but after having some marathon recording sessions, we just forgot. 2) We chose weird songs to rerecord. I don't think some of those needed to be rerecorded, but oh well I guess. All the songs actually do sound better, so I can't complain too much. We also put a handful of live songs on this CD. We took all of the songs that we recorded from Lex-Stock and an early version of In My Back Pocket, also recorded at Lex's house, and put them at the end of the CD. We put the CD out in late spring and called it The Complete AAHHHH vol. 2.

After that we played a few more LexStocks. There was nothing too notable about these (although one was an all request show). We played some random covers, like the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles  theme song and Livin' on a Prayer. The shows went well, but there wasn't anything really distinct about them.

Next, in the summer of 2003 we decided that it was time to record another CD. At that point we had one new song written (I Walk to Work, which we had actually recorded by itself earlier in the summer), so we did what we do best, and write a lot of songs in a short period of time. We wrote another 11 or so songs relatively quickly (I say 11 or so because some of the songs were already partially written, like Porno Addict. That was left over from the time between In Complete AAHHHH and Christmas Hits). We ended up recording and mixing the CD in 3 days at the end of August and the beginning of September. We titled it The Polka Collection and released it a month or so after finishing it.

Next, we performed LexStock 5 on December 31, 2003. This show ended up going over really well with everyone. We played a lot of new songs and a few old ones. It was the first time we played I Ate Jenna and Hilary Duff (from 4EPs). The whole show was great, except for Bob losing his voice at the end of the first song we played.

In 2004, we practiced on and off throughout the Spring and by Summer, we decided that we should finish up writing the 4EPs CD, which we did. We recorded the CD throughout August of 2004, and eventually released it in late fall 2004. It was definitely our most ambitious CD, with a total of 24 tracks.

To finish up 2004, we played at LexStock 7 on New Years Eve at the Downtown Quarterback. The show went well, and was definitely our best performance to date. It was even our first show with stage decorations (we hung the baby doll from LexStock I by its neck from the lights). Charming really.

We were slow to write songs in 2005, but we eventually picked up in May/June when we recorded AAHHHHD's and Ends. The CD features a number of tracks with synthesizer, a change for us.

Finally, on December 30, 2005 we played a show in Vestal in a number of songs from AAHHHHD's and Ends made their live debut. The show featured Dave Rice on synthesizer.

In 2006 expect a new CD, a DVD, and a box-set featuring re-mastered versions of our songs.