Alexa Vega

**Bob and I were in his basement writing songs, and he came up with the chord progression for this song. We decided it had a Spanish feel, and thought it would be fun to write a song about one of our favorite teen idols; Alexa Vega (from the Spy Kids movies and the smash hit "Sleepover"). Definitely one of our favorite songs to play.**

Ill think of ways to impress you

You are sexy Mexican in Spy Kids 2

Ill take you out for taco or gordita

Si eres una chica bonita


Alexa! Vega! (x2)


Get in El Camino and well take a ride

Well go down to Taco Bell on Rodeo Drive

She dont have a green card but I wont report her

As long as she takes me south of her border


Alexa! Vega! (x2)


I know shes not Spanish

But I still like to see her

Because she is so hot

She gives me Spanish fever


Alexa! Vega! (x2)