AAHHHHd's and Ends (January 2006)

**In May/June 2005 we decided that we wanted to record another album despite only having a few songs fully written. We do what we usually do and wrote most of the album very quickly. Interestingly, this was the first album with large song writing contributions from Griff. This ended up taking way longer to record than we wanted, but what can you do? This was also our first album which featured a fourth instrument (synthesizer) on the majority of the songs.**


1) Nothings Shocking

2) Body Count Two

3) Cannibal Song #10

4) Fat Girls Give Good Head

5) The Pirate Song

6) Pretty Girl

7) Binghamton is Burning

8) She's a Vampire

9) You Got Served

10) You're My Property (Part II)

11) Apathy