4EPs (Fall 2004)

**After we finished the Polka Collection, we started thinking of ideas for our next CD. At first it was going to be a cannibal punk album, but then we decided against it. We had so many different ideas, that we finally decided to make four categories and write 5 songs about each category, thus 4EPs was born. Not surprisingly, this CD took the longest to write and record.**


1) Intro (Interlude 1)

2) I Ate Ronald Reagan

3) I Ate Kody Smith

4) I Ate Jenna

5) I Ate the Kids (Harry)

6) I Ate a Bulimic

7) Interlude 2

8) Lindsey Lohan

9) Alexa Vega

10) Amanda Bynes

11) Olsen Twins

12) Hilary Duff

13) Interlude 3

14) I'm a Carnivore

15) Hamburgers

16) Paint Chips

17) Ramen Noodles

18) The Food Pyramid Rock

19) Interlude 4

20) I Want to be an Astronaut

21) I Want an Electric Guitar

22) I Want to be a Rapper

23) I Want to be a Pimp

24) I Want Hillary Clinton